Wabi-sabi: transformation of a space

It's amazing to witness the transformation of a space that was once lovely into a new space which will again be filled with light and beauty. Each step of the process has its own innate, fleeting poetry which will be incorporated into the walls, into the spirit of this place.

Transformational Acupuncture opening in December 2013, Dupont Circle

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Wabi-sabi: Tools for change

My son Jeremy is creating a new acupuncture clinic and healing center in Dupont Circle. In a lovely old building from the 1920's, he is creating a new, beautiful space for health and well-being, personal transformation, and community.

It has been fascinating to document the progress of the remodel. Layers of wood, wire and stone exposed unexpectedly as the walls are opened up. A hammer, a footprint, an old doorknob, a pile of lumber - on a construction site, beauty is everywhere you look. More images of the project to come.

Transformational Acupuncture opening in December 2013.

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