Wabi-sabi: the latte

The notion of wabi-sabi originally derived from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Today, coffee is the new tea (Japan is a major importer of coffee!) and there is a certain ritual and respect for the provenance of the bean, the roasting, the pouring. It is the latte, however, that catches my attention - a mandala in a cup, sometimes lasting only seconds before it is consumed.

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Wabi-sabi: Autumn in Paris

It's the first week of LA RENTREE, and Paris is springing to life. Moms with kids on scooters stop by the local patisserie for a croissant on the way to school. Dads in suits wheel strollers to day care. After a month tanning on the beach, everyone is on the move.

Early this morning, just as the first rays of sun shot through the trees, I walked through the Jardin de Luxembourg. I have passed this intimate corner many times, and today, for the first time, it is kissed by a touch of the autumn to come. Today is my last day in Paris, and I will not be here to see who sits in these chairs tonight or the leaves when they reach their full glory and fall to the ground. 

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