Wabi-sabi at the Farmers Market

Such grace in a bunch of garlic scapes - a wabi-sabi moment only possible for a short time in the spring. 

App Magic: ProCamera, Moku Hanga, Filterstorm


Wabi-sabi: on the mall

7 a.m. on the Mall in DC...sometimes the expression of wabi-sabi is where you least expect it. Ducks foraging for breakfast -- always precise, yet appearing to be a random, imperfect process to the human observer. Baby ducks learning to navigate the water, the land. Early morning sun shining on stone, cut grasses turning to straw along a tree-lined path. 

App Magic: Hipstamatic, Snapseed


Wabi-sabi: tulips

Another springtime of beautiful tulips in and about DC. As the season comes to an end, the wabi-sabi nature of the garden reveals itself. 

App Magic: Hipstamatic (Tinto Lens and C-type film)