Trunk Show #2

The Tidal Basin at 6 a.m. has a life of it's own, now that the flowers are in bloom. The mood is mysterious and the early morning light puts a focus on the grove of ancient, gnarled trunks beneath the emerging canopy. Love the Tinto lens and C-type film plate to capture the essence of this moment.

App Magic: Hipstamatic, Retouch, Snapseed


Early Morning Cherry Blossom Blues

Still waiting for peak bloom on a cold, blowy morning at 6 am, with little color from the sunrise.  Hundreds of photographers lined the Tidal Basin like statues standing with their gear, focused on the monuments across the water. Zipping along with just an iPhone, I captured my own version of this iconic view of the Jefferson, still lit up in the blue dawn with a sliver of moon overhead. 

App Magic: Hipstamatic - Tinto Lens, C-type film 


Cherry Blossom Photo Tips

It's not too soon! Photo ops abound, even before peak bloom. This morning at 6:30 a.m. it was overcast and the sunrise hard to see...but the embryonic blossoms and some fellow travelers made for a lovely composition. The Tinto lens and C-Type Plate film picked up the barely visible pink glow in the water.

App Magic: Hipstamatic, Filterstorm

Tips for photographing the Tidal Basin cherry trees:

When to go:
  • Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the best light.
  • Don't worry if it's misty or overcast! Those days offer soft lighting and give a moody, mysterious quality to your images. It's also a good time to shoot in black and white.

Shoot from different viewpoints:
  • Capture that iconic image of the Jefferson Monument through the cherry blossoms from the Martin Luther King Memorial. Then follow the path along the water and shoot at different points along the way. Walk up into the area above the path for some more unique landscapes.
  • Try shooting close up. Flowers and bark have their own interest and beauty.

Search out the older trees:
  • About 100 of the originals remain, and their ancient, gnarled trunks and intertwining branches have great texture and pattern.


Trunk Show

Peak bloom is just around the corner! This photo was taken last year, when the blossoms came early and stayed for just a few days. Moku Hanga transformed the original into a image reminiscent of a woodblock print, which accentuates the bark on this tree and makes the fallen blooms look like snow.

App Magic: Moku Hanga