Gingko Project - fall

These images remind me of Japanese fans.  I wonder if the gingko leaf was the original inspiration.

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Gingko project

Every fall I am smitten by the beauty and diversity of the gingko leaf as it moves through its life cycle. This year I was amazed to learn a little of the backstory - the gingko tree as the bearer of a medicinal fruit, a ubiquitous street tree, an ancient species going back to the time of the dinosaur. This image is an interpretation of the fossil gingko leaves embedded in stone from that time long ago.

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Wabi-sabi: closing and opening

Amid the noise and bustle on a construction site, there is always a moment of grace, of quiet beauty. These doors represent a transition - a closing and an opening - and also a beautiful image just as they are right now.

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Wabi-sabi: transformation of a space

It's amazing to witness the transformation of a space that was once lovely into a new space which will again be filled with light and beauty. Each step of the process has its own innate, fleeting poetry which will be incorporated into the walls, into the spirit of this place.

Transformational Acupuncture opening in December 2013, Dupont Circle

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Wabi-sabi: Tools for change

My son Jeremy is creating a new acupuncture clinic and healing center in Dupont Circle. In a lovely old building from the 1920's, he is creating a new, beautiful space for health and well-being, personal transformation, and community.

It has been fascinating to document the progress of the remodel. Layers of wood, wire and stone exposed unexpectedly as the walls are opened up. A hammer, a footprint, an old doorknob, a pile of lumber - on a construction site, beauty is everywhere you look. More images of the project to come.

Transformational Acupuncture opening in December 2013.

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Wabi-sabi: the latte

The notion of wabi-sabi originally derived from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Today, coffee is the new tea (Japan is a major importer of coffee!) and there is a certain ritual and respect for the provenance of the bean, the roasting, the pouring. It is the latte, however, that catches my attention - a mandala in a cup, sometimes lasting only seconds before it is consumed.

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Wabi-sabi: Autumn in Paris

It's the first week of LA RENTREE, and Paris is springing to life. Moms with kids on scooters stop by the local patisserie for a croissant on the way to school. Dads in suits wheel strollers to day care. After a month tanning on the beach, everyone is on the move.

Early this morning, just as the first rays of sun shot through the trees, I walked through the Jardin de Luxembourg. I have passed this intimate corner many times, and today, for the first time, it is kissed by a touch of the autumn to come. Today is my last day in Paris, and I will not be here to see who sits in these chairs tonight or the leaves when they reach their full glory and fall to the ground. 

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Wabi-Sabi: Cubjak

It's 7:00 am on the banks of the Auvézère, which runs through Cubjak, a petit village in the Dordogne.  In a moment or an hour, the wind will come up, so now is the time to wonder at the perfect reflection of this ancient bridge and its companion, the old stone house that sits at the side of the road. 

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Wabi-sabi: les chaises rouges


This petite mise-en-scene caught my eye one early morning.  The streets in the centre-ville are quiet then, and only a few of us have ventured out to find coffee or a baguette still warm from the oven.

The patina of age has given these chairs a quality of mystery, beauty and grace...
First image captured with the new Brighton Hipstapak!

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Wabi-sabi: le petit chien

dans le salon!

This intrepid Yorkie, Ulysses, is my neighbor here in BESANCON, where I’m doing a French language intensive for the summer. As in all things wabi-sabi, it is the present moment of the journey, rather than the destination, that is important.

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Wabi-sabi: Paris

Two days in Paris and spent much of it in the Luxembourg Gardens. One lovely time of day is around 6 am, before the tennis courts fill with school boys, before joggers fly around the perimeter in shorts and every style of brightly colored shoes. Before the strollers, the lovers, the gathering of friends.

Each morning there is a mystery: who arranges the chairs in the Jardin du Luxembourg? Does a team of designers come at midnight to create a new tableau? Is there some set pattern that is restored each day? Or is it just chance that dictates the always unexpected mise-en-scene?

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Wabi-sabi: farm to table

In that timeless space between farm and table, this beet exists in a moment of grace and beauty. Preparing the beet for dinner, we honor the soil, the sun, the farmer, and the intrinsic nature and nourishing quality of this amazing vegetable.

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Wabi-sabi: ramps

Like all things wabi-sabi, the season for ramps comes and goes. That trendy little spring onion with the mysterious old English name has legions of fans, from Alice Waters to the thousands of folks who descend on Richmond, West Virginia, to attend the annual "Ramp Feed" there. These beauties were spotted at the Dupont Circle Farmers' Market in DC last weekend and won't be back 'til early next spring. 

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Wabi-sabi at the Farmers Market

Such grace in a bunch of garlic scapes - a wabi-sabi moment only possible for a short time in the spring. 

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Wabi-sabi: on the mall

7 a.m. on the Mall in DC...sometimes the expression of wabi-sabi is where you least expect it. Ducks foraging for breakfast -- always precise, yet appearing to be a random, imperfect process to the human observer. Baby ducks learning to navigate the water, the land. Early morning sun shining on stone, cut grasses turning to straw along a tree-lined path. 

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Wabi-sabi: tulips

Another springtime of beautiful tulips in and about DC. As the season comes to an end, the wabi-sabi nature of the garden reveals itself. 

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Trunk Show #2

The Tidal Basin at 6 a.m. has a life of it's own, now that the flowers are in bloom. The mood is mysterious and the early morning light puts a focus on the grove of ancient, gnarled trunks beneath the emerging canopy. Love the Tinto lens and C-type film plate to capture the essence of this moment.

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Early Morning Cherry Blossom Blues

Still waiting for peak bloom on a cold, blowy morning at 6 am, with little color from the sunrise.  Hundreds of photographers lined the Tidal Basin like statues standing with their gear, focused on the monuments across the water. Zipping along with just an iPhone, I captured my own version of this iconic view of the Jefferson, still lit up in the blue dawn with a sliver of moon overhead. 

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Cherry Blossom Photo Tips

It's not too soon! Photo ops abound, even before peak bloom. This morning at 6:30 a.m. it was overcast and the sunrise hard to see...but the embryonic blossoms and some fellow travelers made for a lovely composition. The Tinto lens and C-Type Plate film picked up the barely visible pink glow in the water.

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Tips for photographing the Tidal Basin cherry trees:

When to go:
  • Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the best light.
  • Don't worry if it's misty or overcast! Those days offer soft lighting and give a moody, mysterious quality to your images. It's also a good time to shoot in black and white.

Shoot from different viewpoints:
  • Capture that iconic image of the Jefferson Monument through the cherry blossoms from the Martin Luther King Memorial. Then follow the path along the water and shoot at different points along the way. Walk up into the area above the path for some more unique landscapes.
  • Try shooting close up. Flowers and bark have their own interest and beauty.

Search out the older trees:
  • About 100 of the originals remain, and their ancient, gnarled trunks and intertwining branches have great texture and pattern.


Trunk Show

Peak bloom is just around the corner! This photo was taken last year, when the blossoms came early and stayed for just a few days. Moku Hanga transformed the original into a image reminiscent of a woodblock print, which accentuates the bark on this tree and makes the fallen blooms look like snow.

App Magic: Moku Hanga


Carrot Kimono

This is a composite of 3 images from the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop, a basket of carrots, a hay bale and the beautiful rusted top of a BBQ at sunset. Texture file is bursting with new finds, after 5 days with KDivine in NM.

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Peas in a Pod

Discovered amazing photo/painting app Procreate, thanks to Karen Divine at the Santa
Photographic Workshop. If you're new to iPhone photography, her class is a must.

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Graffiti Kimono

Love this graffiti from Williamsburg, Brklyn and now it is the centerpiece of my latest urban kimono.

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Inaugural Kimono

 In the spirit of '76 - 1976 that is - this celebration of Obama's 2nd inauguration is reminiscent of Japonisme in the US in the '70s. The kimono shape is still there, but the design and intent are all-American. 

Flag from Miss Pixie's on 14th NW; blue field image taken from a wall on the waterfront in Georgetown.

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