Garden Kimono

First kimono celebrating the bounty of the harvest. Much fun using the blending modes in Superimpose and the double exposure filter in Filterstorm.

Apps: 6x6, Snapseed, Filterstorm, Superimpose



In the 70's, textile artists who adopted the kimono shape as part of the emerging art-to-wear movement often used themes like the Statue of Liberty, the Southwest, or even Mickey Mouse. Here I have chosen the salt & pepper shaker as a typical, unexpected western object. 

The color and shape of this image was also informed by both the American patchwork quilt and the indigo dyed fabrics used in traditional Japanese garments.  And... the amazing work of iphoneographer Souichi Furusho.

Apps: 6x6, Hipstamatic, Superimpose, PhotoStudio HD, Blender, Filterstorm, Picture Effects

Kanji stencil from thejapaneseconnection.com