Bamboo Kimono

This image plays with the subtle pale yellow color of bamboo when it is dried, especially the stalks of the plant and the border. Background image is a shingle covered in beautiful yellow moss from the side of our cottage up on a hilltop in Inverness.

Kanji character from thejapaneseconnection.com

Apps: 6x6, Filterstorm, Retouch, Popsicolor, Moku Hanga, Superimpose, Picture Effects, ToonPaint


Wave Kimono

These koi were part of a traditional Japanese folk motif and called for a special background. I created the wave from an image of the Spanish Steps in Washington, DC near the Textile Museum, where I was inspired by the kimonos in their collection.

Apps: 6x6, Filterstorm, Superimpose, Juxtaposer, Picture Effects, Moku Hanga, Scratchcam