Rothko 2

Here's another image inspired by Rothko. I collected the background color with Slow Shutter, focusing on flowers, grasses and greenery planted along 21st Street near the Philips Collection.

Apps: Slow Shutter, Filterstorm, PhotoForge, Blender.


A Riff on Rothko

Lately I've been inspired by the color and form of American painter Mark Rothko. Walking the neighborhood between Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan in the late afternoon, I used the app Slow Shutter to collect color and texture for my own image of Rothko's color fields.

Apps: Slow Shutter, Blender, Filterstorm, PhotoForge.


Apples a la Rothko

With the app Blender (my new fave) I created the background for a still life from some painted marks on the sidewalk and an image of some apples on my window sill. If you look closely, there is a piece of toast still barely visible behind the bottom half of the image, part of a dish called "Eggs Rothko", a legendary breakfast at the legendary Egg in Williamsburg, Bklyn. My original inspiration for this take on Rothko.

Apps: Blender, PhotoForge.


Images are everywhere...

Images are everywhere, if you just stop to look. At the end of a rainy day, I saw this reflection in a sidewalk puddle on my way to the market.  

Apps: Snapseed, Filterstorm



Pickings are slim at the Dupont Circle Farmers' Market in January, but you can always find something...a cabbage, a bag of fat shiitake mushrooms, a fine loaf of olive bread.  This lovely specimen reminded me of a butterfly.

Apps:  Snapseed, Filterstorm


Pointing the way...

the radish puller
pointing the way with a radish root
teaches me the way 

These images were taken in the terraced gardens of a tiny mountain village and the outdoor markets of Languedoc during an artist retreat at La Muse in Labastide Esparbairenque. I spent several days photographing radishes, then cabbages, and then artichokes. The capture and processing of each image was a meditation.

App: Filterstorm