autumn nears
my heart is drawn
to a four mat room

This image was inspired by Basho’s haiku and a visit to the Rothko room at the Phillips Collection in DC.

Apps: Filterstorm (double exposure), Snapseed, Diptic

Hudson Valley

the evening clears
on the pale sky
row on row of autumn mountains

I took this image from the window of a car moving 60 miles an hour driving home from the Catskills in early fall.

Apps: Slow Shutter Cam, Filterstorm (double exposure), Snapseed


Ferme de la Demi Lune

I unexpectedly found myself at the Ferme de la Demi Lune, a small farm in Normandy, just after the harvest. This mannequin, rescued from a boutique window in Paris, rested in the sun after serving another season as resident scarecrow. The silos were filled with wheat and hops.