Zentangle Qigong: End of Spring

"La Fin du Printemps"

According to Chinese tradition, the end of spring happens when the light green leaves on a tree conspire with the sun to darken themselves, filling with chlorophyl for the unfolding of the summer to come. In Taoist Five Yin Qigong, the color green symbolizes spring.

Since just a few days of spring remain, I decided to celebrate this transition with some Zentangle-inspired art.  This image was created by blending the original tangles with an iPhone photo of  a Ginkgo tree, an ancient species originating in China and used in Chinese medicine. The leaves were already turning from light to dark. 

Apps: Hipstamatic, Filterstorm, Superimpose


Zentangle Kimono 7

"Breathing In White"

Inspired by the Taoist Five Yin pose for the lungs...breathe in white and breathe out everything not white. The color of white in this form of Qigong is not yet quite clear to me, so the white in this image ranges from pure white on the RGB scale to a kind of pearlescent blue/green white from the iPhone photo behind the kimono.

This image is a gift from so many people: Eve Soldinger, my qigong teacher and all the teachers who came before, Rick & Maria who created Zentangle, the Textile museum in Washington, DC, the folks at Apple and the app developers who expand the possibilities, all the women who have embraced the kimono as an enduring form of clothing and artistic expression.

Apps: Hipstamatic, Filterstorm, Superimpose


Zentangle Kimono 6

"Golden Light of the Lower Dantian"

This kimono was inspired by Eve Soldinger's beautiful sharing of Taoist Five Yin qiqong. The original Zentangle drawing was done in Toulouse and the iPhone image of pansies was taken in Dupont Circle. 

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Zentangle / iPhone Art

A traditional Zentangle is drawn on a small square of paper with a black pen using a series of structured patterns in an intentional way. The act of creating a true Zentangle is, for me, a spiritual meditation. 

Once you add color, it becomes a different experience, one involving conscious choices and a focus on the visual. It's a work of art inspired by the Zentangle Method that brings a new kind of joy.

When you blend an iPhone image with a Zentangle drawing, you add light. The result is magic.

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Zentangle Kimono 5

Another zentangle-inspired image dancing among the iPhone photo apps for a new look.

Apps: Hipstamatic, Filterstorm, Snapseed, Superimpose 



It's February 15, but this kimono was created yesterday, on Valentine's day. The unintended heart shape emerged when this Zentangle-inspired drawing was blended with a photograph of the color red. It carries a wish for peace, happiness and love for everyone.

Apps: Hipstamatic, Superimpose, Retouch


Zentangle Kimono 3

This simple kimono shows off the texture of the beautiful paper Zentangle "tile" I used to draw the image.  The repetition of the patterns from top to bottom (or bottom to top!) and the swoop of the obi remind me of the dance between heaven and earth.

Apps: ProCamera, Superimpose